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ANSI Z358.1 2014


Our emergency shower models are available in Hazloc Class 1 Division 1 and 2 as well as Nema rated electrical classifications.


Looking for an emergency shower rental? Our network of clients rent our products, in one call we can assist you.


Looking for custom built solutions? We have worked with several or our clients to meet their specifications.

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We manufacture standard emergency shower models and also custom units based on client needs. Our showers are fully engineered and meet required standards and certifications.

Unlike our competitors our standard sump is designed to contain the entire volume of water eliminating concern for chemically contaminated water spilling onto the ground. Alternatively locations with a secondary containment system can utilize a reduced sump design plumbed to their collection system. Our units utilize industrial grade components and materials ensuring durability for long utilization cycles in the field. All models are easily relocatable and can be rapidly deployed by using the integrated fork pockets. Set up time is minimal, all that’s required is a source of electricity, our shower models arrive turnkey and commissioned and can generally be ready for use in less than 60 minutes. We can also provide trailer mounted units with or without onboard diesel generator power.

We manufacture engineered products for all sectors of industry. Years of hands on experience in both service and manufacturing has created an understanding of the unique challenges and diversified needs our clients face. We work to create a synergy with our clients in order to understand their goals. The key to our process is continual communication through the manufacturing process to ensure our clients receive exactly what they need. Understanding the goals of our clients makes it easier to deliver exceptionally well built engineered products.

With a large fleet of our emergency showers in service across the globe we have a proven track record of durability and exceptional quality. We stand firmly behind our products and back everything we do with a 5 year warranty.

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Why choose Enerflush?

  • Meets ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 2014
  • Meets Alberta Safety Codes Act – Alberta Reg. 448 / 93 General Safety Regulation
  • Meets OSHA 29 CFR 1910.15‐c – Suitable Facilities for Quick Drenching or Flushing of the Eyes and Body
  • Fully self contained
  • Certified Electrical Components
  • CSA, UL, NRTL, and other certifications available
  • Low maintenance solution, integrated water supply
  • Units can be trailer mounted for portability
  • Insulated and rated for extremely cold or warm climates
  • Exceptional track record with our high profile clients

We also manufacture trailers and are certified under the Federal National Safety Mark Z25.